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Stay Lush & Green

Ensure your lawn stays vibrant and healthy year-round with Meadow Green Landscape’s expert irrigation solutions. A thriving lawn begins with a well-maintained irrigation system, and our certified technicians are here to make it happen.

Servicing businesses, municipalities, residential developments, and homeowners across the greater Twin Cities area, we specialize in designing and maintaining irrigation systems tailored to your specific needs. Our expertise not only ensures your lawn and plants receive the optimal amount of water for lush growth but also helps conserve water and enhance curb appeal.

Meadow Green Landscaping offers a comprehensive range of irrigation services for both residential and commercial clients, Meadow Green is your go-to partner for all things green. Reach out today to discover how we can elevate the health and beauty of your landscape with our expert irrigation solutions


Every lawn is unique and some parts of your lawn will require more water than others. Our technicians understand these nuances and will design an irrigation system to accommodate them. We use advanced irrigation equipment that will keep your property healthy and vibrant.

Proper start up and winterization ensures your irrigation system is functional when you need it the most. Let us assist you with this detailed, time-consuming process.

Your lawn – and your curb appeal – suffers when your irrigation system is out of order. Our experienced irrigation techs will help to replace, repair, and troubleshoot any problems before your lawn health deteriorates.

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